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LogoSOFLOWdef6x6_72dpiThe goal of this French association is to promote and develop Sophrology, Mindfulness, Art Therapy and all methods aimed at harmony and well being.

The approach is through presentations, social events, workshops, individual or group classes for any public or private groups.

The association can work with all forms of artistic expression. (Singing, dance, theatre, music…).

The methods can be used in natural settings with the aim of developing respect for our environment. (Hiking, experiencing natural sites…).

It can promote international contacts and exchanges to broaden our knowledge of other cultures and other methods. Particularly, links with Asia would be a natural fit for our association.

The association is open to all and respects all belief systems with out any affiliation to political, philosophical or religious groups.

SITE_Alix_portrait_ovaleAlix Sattler
Sophrologist, specialised in Body Relaxation certified in Caycedo techniques

Since childhood, she has always been immersed in the artistic world of creativity, exploring ideas that push beyond what we experience in everyday life. This passion took her to study Theatre at the Conservatoire and Dance at Sorbonne University Paris 4.

Her professional life began by teaching Dance in France (Lille, Paris, Rouen) Quebec (Montréal) and Austria (Vienna) after her diploma in Body Movement theories and pratice  at Dancee UQAM of Montreal University (Canada) et a Certificat in Teaching Dance at Contemporary Dance National Formation Center of Anne-Marie Debatte (Lille).

After earning a Master’s in Cultural Management at The University of Paris 7, she was involved in organising  Performing Arts events and in coordinating Dance Companies.

After these experiences in the physical world of dance and the creative world of performing arts, she felt ready to explore the mind body connection further. Getting her certification in Sophrology and her Master in Art Therapy was the next logical step.

Her diploma in Sophrology, her training in Art Therapy and her background in the performing arts has given her extensive experience working with individuals and employing different techniques of respiration, meditation, relaxation and body movement. These are also part of her daily life, so naturally she is happy to pass on this knowledge.

That’s why today she applies her energy to helping people breathe in life more deeply. Everybody has untapped resources inside them and with the techniques of SoFLow Attitude you will be able to access that inner strength. The movement to bring body and mind together can unleash greater vitality and the improved life balance will free up energy and allow you to channel it in the right direction.